The Top 3 Ways to Improve Your Health, Business and Get Focused
Posted on January 28th, 2020 
Over a Year ago I attended a Mastermind and It changed my life. This is the exact reason why I started my inner circle mastermind to help others do the same. At the event, I decided then and there that I was going to invest heavily in building a brand online and I was going to do it no matter what. 

I am actually a very introverted person and I hate posting on social media, but I knew the power it could hold for my business and my life if I did it. 

And it changed everything. Over the last year I grew my brand from 5000 followers to nearly 400k followers. I’ve had over 1000 Customers I acquired directly from social media of which over 100 were high ticket clients, something that impressed even the veteran of marketers at the 100 million mastermind - another mastermind that I went to but in 2019- and was able to go to and pay the $100k entry because of sticking to my gaol I made at the end of 2018. 

Why am I telling you all this? Because I wanted to talk about the power of setting goals and manifesting things. We all set goals, especially at this time of the year, but basically almost no one actually sticks to their goal at all! 

I am going to share the top reasons why I was able to stick to mine and hopefully give you advice that can help you stick to yours this time around in 2020. 

ONE, Plan For Success So You Can Allow Success. It sounds silly but 99% of us just simply do not allow ourselves to succeed. What do I mean by this? Well, think about it. Do you put yourself in a position to succeed or a position to fail? 

Many people want to sleep earlier and wake up earlier…but do you turn off distractions like your phone and TV and laptop at a reasonable hour? Do you make sure all the important tasks are done so you can continue the day the next morning? Do you set your alarm so you can wake up early? 

You Must PLAN for Success. And that means making sure all the logistics are in place. Like making time to execute the important tasks and setting up prophylactic measure so that if things go wrong you have multiple ways to still complete the tasks that need to be done to succeed. I see everyone plan to work out 3 times a week but then they all fail because they didn’t time? Why not just plan enough time to be able to work out 6 times a week that way if worst comes to worst you have extra empty blocks to do the activity you needed to do!

TWO, Execute and Don’t Get Emotional. You simply cannot succeed if you do NOTHING! You have to execute. This usually is not an issue. When someone sets a goal they usually really do want it. Its not an issue of desire. The problem is psychology though. Because goal setting is very much like buying something. Buying is a purely emotional decision. When you are setting a goal you are making a emotional decision not to spend money but to change your behavior. 

Ever met people who are the idea guy or gal. The visionary? Well there is a reason, we have a huge dopamine surge when we buy something and when we set a goal or an idea. In some people its stronger than others, and in those people we call them idea people or shopaholics if we are sticking with the buying analogy. Trust me don’t be a shopaholic! 

Now the issue is with emotional decisions, yes you are bought in…but if you are emotional about your goal then you can’t show up every day. You just won’t. Emotion is the enemy of success and rational thought. Who agrees that if you simply did what you are supposed to you would succeed EVENTUALLY? Yes 100% of people agree. The issue is that the majority of you guys DO NOT do what you are supposed to do everyday. And it is because you are emotional. WE cannot be emotional about our goals because it will mean some days we show up and some days we do not! And if you want to hit your goal you must show up every single day and every single play no matter what. 

Three, REVIEW and RESTART Every Day! The one secret that all elite performers know is that every day is a new day and all that matters is the Now. Yesterday should never take up more than 24 hours. If you failed yesterday if you accidentally skipped a day, if you didn’t go 100% and you half assed yourself and are disappointed IT DOES NOT MATTER! 

Repeat after me. Every day is a new day! And you must revise what you did wrong and you have to focus on the Now and Execute again! Every day is a chance to do better than the day before. To do better than you did the last time. 

Listen to me, every single person who has ever succeeded has failed. How many people wanted to be one of the best basketball players ever? Trust me its a lot because we all love getting dopamine and setting goals. But the magic is in Reviewing and Restarting. What do I mean by that. Well, out of all the people who wanted to be amazing at basketball many quit after missing a bunch of shots. Many quit after being terrible for a few months or years. Many quit after being cut from their high school team. 

But Michael Jordan, believe it or not he failed even more than all of those people. BUT he always REVIEWED and RESTARTED. Michael misses almost 2/3 of his shots he takes. But he keeps shooting. He keeps going. And thats what you must do too if you want to really succeed. Even when you miss a workout or you forget to post on social media or you miss a appointment with a client or you fail to close a sale, you have to just Revise and Restart. And just keep going. Trust me no matter how bad you are if you make sure you always Restart one day you will reach your goal. It’s all about time put in and most of you just will never put in the time to succeed. Everyone wants to be like MJ and Kobe was the closest there ever was. Just look at how many years Kobe played he practiced for almost 35 years and I mean at 120% too. IF you want to succeed you have to put in time and you will only be able to do so if you don’t quit. No matter what every single day is a new day and you must RESTART. 

Overall, that mastermind changed my life because I chose to make it change my life and I allowed it to change my life. I not only planned, I also executed, and I also restarted with focus on my goal each and every day. 

If you want to succeed if you want to make good on New Years resolutions if you want to do big things if you want to turn a new leaf. You have to chose to make a change. You have to allow yourself to change. You must make sure you Plan, Execute, and Restart Daily. 

It won’t matter how bad you want it. It won’t matter if you make a social media post and tell the world your goals. It won’t mean anything if you look your loved ones in the eyes and tell them your goals. IF you CANNOT Plan For Success, Execute On It, And Restart Daily. 

If you are interested in finding your own mastermind community of positive and like minded people that push you to greater heights check out my inner circle. We cover all things from knowledge, mindset, actual money making tips and tricks, ways to grow your online brand, how to get 6-7 figures in credit, and how to travel the world in luxury for free!
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