You've Heard All About It, Now Learn All About It

The secret tool that evens the playing field & even tilts it in your favor

Angry at AT&T? Terrible experience with T-Mobile? Issues with your Internet?

Did you feel helpless and without options...?

If you answered “yes,” then you need to learn about arbitration.

Whether or not you know it, you have agreed to arbitration to resolve disputes with companies like your cell phone provider, bank, and Internet provider. And you've likely agreed that your can only resolve your disputes in arbitrationcourt may not be an option (and would be expensive and difficult without a lawyer).

Arbitration empowers consumers with a consumer-friendly cost structure. When you file an arbitration against a big business, your filing fee can be zero dollars, and the business has to pay thousands of dollars. The businesses will want to avoid spending money and try their best to resolve your claims. Maybe that means getting your new iPhone for free, money off your monthly bill, or cold hard cash. But you need to know how the arbitration process works!

Vindicate Your Rights As A Consumer

You Could Be Moments Away From Your First Arbitration

When you invest in our done-for-you arbitration process, we will go through all the steps to file your first arbitration. And in that first arbitration you can make $500-$1,000, or more! The best part is, you can file as many arbitrations as you want, continuing to rack up wins and cash all while resolving your issues with your provider!

Fortune 500s Tried To Pay Me To Keep This Method From You

You May Be Entitled To Thousands

I'm letting you in on the biggest loopholes that all the major companies are terrified you'll take advantage of. The process is simple and your settlement could include anything from discounted bills, free services and products, and even cold hard cash! These businesses lose more money going through with arbitration than if they just paid you the settlement, so they'll award you settlements 99% of the time.
  • A Strategy You Can Use On Repeat
  • Super Simple Blueprints
  • ​Completely Risk Free


Limited Spaces Available - Act Now

We can handle the entire process for you, from filing papers negotiating the deal, and getting the settlement sent to your account. We have filed over 50 letters in the past months and all settlements were worth at least $1k. We understand the laws and how to use them in your favor!


Read The FAQ Or Email

Will Our Providers Close Our Accounts For Doing This?
No, companies are required by law to respond to the pre arbitration notice within 30 days. They can't ignore it or close your account otherwise we go straight to arbitration and they lose immediately for violating their policies.
Will This Make Our Providers Mess With Us Even More?
No, as a matter of fact it will have the opposite effect. These companies will know that you know how to take action and they don't want to mess with people like us otherwise it's round two. 
What Happens If I Don't Win The Arbitration?
Although we have a 99.9% success rate with all of our filings if for some reason they find that the company is not at fault, the company is still responsible for all the fees. If the issues persists we can come back with even stronger chances of an even higher settlement.
Are these methods all legal and ethical?
Absolutely! It is your right as a consumer to go through this process and you are entitled to a settlement if the company is at fault. More times than not, instead of paying for high arbitration fees, the company will choose to settle before even moving to the next steps.
Shawn Sharma
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